Sun Rooms

Straight Eave Solariums and Sunrooms

Straight eave solariums are the root of the sloped glazing industry. As a custom manufacturer, Solar Innovations has utilized this sunroom design and altered it in order to create beautiful and unique structures.

straight eave

Curved Eave Solariums and Sunrooms

Curved eave solariums provide a unique contemporary look to any style of architecture. The glass curve provides an unobstructed view at eave height, and the curved interior bars create a smooth transition from roof to wall. Curved eave sunroom additions have gained a huge following in both residential and commercial sunroom designs worldwide.

curved eave

Even Span Solariums and Sunrooms

Many competitors do not offer true even-span sunroom designs. Instead, they attach two lean-to structures to a capped wooden ridge beam, with visually unappealing results. Solar's true even-span designs use internal welded ridge beams at the apex of our structures for a more aesthetically pleasing look.

Even-span solariums are available with either straight or curved eaves.

even span